I just wanted to let you know that the girls in the morning are truly a gift to RLH.

They are always so friendly and bubbly to try and help me with the drop off which for all parents is a dreaded task (hubby gets the easy pick up!).  They never rush us unless they can tell I’m in a rush and they are always so compassionate and in tune with her interests.

Great work ladies!  Thanks for trying so hard to start our day well.

Compassionate, Friendly and Bubbly

We all appreciate the work and effort you put in to ensure our kids are getting the best possible experience and exposure to fun learning!

Exposure to Fun Learning

The centre has been nothing but supportive, caring and understanding to both my girls. A massive thank you to your staff for making them settle in quickly and providing a safe environment.

Supportive, Caring and Understanding

We cannot thank all the Educators involved and the Centre enough for everything you all have done for us all over the past years. She went into the Centre as a baby back in 2015 and she’s coming out as a little lady who is independent for her age and acquired the skills for her to be ready for school.

The kind of care provided by all her Educators (from babies room) is truly priceless. Thank you for creating an environment where learning and other fun activities are easy and fun for young children.

Once again, thank you for the care that everyone has provided and the big difference they have made in her life! We truly appreciate it.

An Environment for Learning

As today is his last day with you, I wanted to send a quick note to thank you all for your wonderful care of our son.

It hasn’t been an easy road as we have negotiated his developmental needs, but you all have been there every step helping in anyway you can and we appreciate it more than you realise. He is a delightful boy and he has thrived at RLH thanks to your patience and encouragement and willingness to meet him where he is at.

So thank you ladies – past and present. You’ve given our family a lot and we will always be thankful.

Wonderful Care