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Join a community of educators who are passionate about what they do, who bring excitement and fun in to their roles each day. A community that supports and celebrates one another.

We are looking for educators that genuinely care about making a difference in children’s lives and would like to assist in guiding and supporting our children in becoming active, kind-hearted citizens in our community.

So… Why choose us?

It is a great opportunity to join a friendly, not-for-profit independent Early Learning and Education Service.

We pay above award wages and cover costs for professional development including first aid training and Child Protection training.

We have a full time Educational Leader who is available to provide support and guidance to each of our rooms and the educators when required. This also allows for each room to have a minimum of 4 hours of Non Contact each week.

We provide 5 weeks of Annual Leave per year.

With centre closures over the Easter and Christmas breaks, we provide our educators opportunities for time with their families

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