Our Explorers

Six weeks to eighteen months

We strive to create a positive social and nurturing setting to allow your child to develop their sense of belonging. We endeavour to maintain smaller than recommended adult to child ratios, which enables the educators to spend quality time with the children and allows small grouping. This ensures that our experienced educators build a meaningful relationship and establish a sense of security for the child and their families.

Our program is catered towards the developmental milestones of each individual child, incorporating Jewish values holistically. We primarily provide gross and fine motor development and sensory based activities to help create a fun play moment. All children are at different level of exploration and we introduce the children to age appropriate activities and allow the child to choose whether they would like to continue or explore another environment in our room. In all aspects of the day we are looking to find what provides a positive sense of wellbeing for your child.

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Our experienced and highly qualified team, cater and adjust the environment to meet each individual child’s requirements. We value parent input and promote strong and open-lines of communication through face to face interactions, messaging on our online platform, phone calls and emails.


We follow Red Nose Safe Sleep practices by having cots inside the room with the educators and peers. This allows the educators to constantly monitor the children as they sleep and rest and ensures the children sense of wellbeing and security, by knowing that someone is there. As your child gets older, we help gradually transition them from sleeping in a cot onto a mattress, so they can sleep alongside their peers.

Meal Time

During our meal times, we promote self-help skill development through assisting them with oral feeding by teaching finger feeding, spoon use, and healthy habits. We communicate with parents in assisting with their child’s stages of weaning from milk onto solids. Once your child is walking and a confident eater they will be smoothly transitioned from the high chair to the table to encourage family style dining.

Outdoor Play

In following the Sun Smart guidelines, we strive to go outside twice a day, early in the morning and in the late afternoon once the UV is below 7. Whilst outside, the children are kept under the shade with a hat and we apply limited sunscreen to protect their sensitive skin.

Daily Reflection

Each child’s exploration and personal learning journey is documented through regular learning stories and a ‘daily reflection.’ This includes photographs, which are uploaded to a secure online platform daily, reflecting the program that has been developed in collaboration with our highly experienced team of educators and Early Childhood Teachers. In addition, a detailed daily routine noting all nappy changes, meals, bottles, sleeps and notes is communicated through the private online platform for your convenience ensuring you are aware of how your child’s day is progressing.