For our older babies, 14 months to 20 months

As children grow, mature and develop their skills, they become increasingly ready to take on new challenges and learn new things.

We provide our explorers with environments and experiences tailored to their interests and stages in each developmental domain.

Our babies enjoy engaging in sensory experiences where they can see, touch, hear, taste, smell and move.

Each day we see them playing, all the while learning new skills and all about the world around them. It is our pleasure to provide opportunities for them to further discover and grown from dancing, climbing, jumping and creating to building, exploring, learning, forming friendships.

A Snapshot

Ruth Landau Harp (2)

Our educators guide and support the Explorers in their play and learning each day. This might be through helping them to learn self serving and feeding skills at our progressive mealtimes or practicing their balancing skills on the climbing frames. The strong connections our educators have with the children, have our explores feeling confident to safely investigate and take risks in their play, to learn new skills and reach developmental milestones.

Growth and Development

PLAY! our children learn about their wold and can make sense of it through play. Play helps to develop their thinking skills along with their creativity and imagination. In our Explorers room, there is always an opportunity for play. We focus on using natural resources and open ended resources for our Explorers.

Our Day

Our Explorers start their morning playing with the other children in the centre, building friendships and learning from one another.

Davening introduces our Explorers to a new day of play and learning along with their friends. With singing and stories in Hebrew and English, it is a lovely way to celebrate the new day. It also helps our babies transition in to a progressive morning tea, allowing our them to ease in to the morning meal time and to become familiar with their body and when they feel hungry.

Our Explorers then have a huge block of uninterrupted play. During this time, our educators engage, observe, guide, teach and support our Explorers with intentional teaching, spontaneous teaching moments and conversations.

Just before Midday, our explorers are invited to have some lunch, and are seated in small groups with the educators being able to interact and chat with them all about the lunch and their days so far.

With a busy morning behind us, it is time for sleep! Beds are made and our Explorers slowly transition to sleep with soft lighting and gentle music, while educators are seated with them in the space to keep them company as they rest.

With each Explorer having a different sleep routine, we create quiet time experiences, enabling those who sleep longer to have a restful environment while our short sleepers still have experiences to engage in and learn from.

Afternoon Tea brings more opportunities for yummy food and small group interactions.

Our afternoons from 3pm bring more opportunities for learning through play and for interactions with their friends in Nursery and Adventurers if they are in outdoor environments.