Eighteen months to two and a half years

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We recognise that we all develop and grow at a different pace and therefore recognise and respect individuality and promote the inclusion and participation of all children. We value children’s input and ideas for learning, creating confident and involved learners.

We believe that children’s learning is dynamic, complex and that play is a context for learning. Play allows for the expressions of personality and uniqueness; enhances dispositions such as curiosity and creativity; enables children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning; assists children to develop relationships and concepts and stimulates a sense of wellbeing. In this context we offer experiences and activities that are planned by the educator, but incidental for the child, and therefore support our philosophy of play based learning in a relaxed atmosphere.

The best education does not happen at a desk, but rather engaged in everyday living – hands on, exploring, in active relationship with life.~ Vince Gowman

Our Adventurers are at the cusp of mastering a huge number of skills within all the developmental domains, from cognitive, emotional and social development to fine and gross motor. Our Educators provided consistent and compassionate support and guidance, enabling out Adventures to master their developmental milestones.

We see our Adventures as curious and eager to explore, testing both their literal and metaphorical boundaries.

In our Adventure Room, like all our rooms, our focus is on learning through play.

For our children, play is their work. The simple act of playing helps our Adventurers further develop motor skills, learn important concepts like colours and numbers, and sharpen skills like problem solving, critical thinking, creativity, and more. Our role as educators is to provide them the space, time, resources and opportunity to engage in a multitude of different play experiences.

The program is built around the Jewish calendar, input from families, interests of the children and goals set by Educators, to ensure that children are reaching their developmental milestones and both acquiring and expanding skills.

There are always areas in the room to encourage;

  • Roleplay and acting. Bringing real life experiences into a safe environment
  • Creativity and imagination, through the use of different media and art materials.
  • Music and movement, through songs and dancing.
  • Language and literacy through stories, puppetry, mat times and rhymes.
  • Fine motor skills through construction and small manipulatives.
  • Social skills through small group experiences and opportunities to be with others.
  • Curiosity and inquiry through small world and open ended resources.
  • Calm and quiet time with cosy, comforting furnishings.

We know how important it is to know what the day has been like for you children, so we have created a variety of ways to communicate with our families.

Each child’s exploration and personal learning journey is documented through regular learning stories and a ‘daily group reflection.’ This includes photographs, which are uploaded to a secure online platform. We use Educa and all families are sent an invitation to sign up on enrolment.  In addition, a detailed daily routine noting all nappy changes, meals, sleeps and notes is communicated through the private online platform for your convenience ensuring you are aware of how your child’s day is progressing.

Staff can be emailed through the office or directly at; . They are also available to speak with you briefly at drop off and pick up or at length through a booked appointment.

  • From 7:00am to around 8:00, we have family grouping in our indoor and outside environments. From 8:00am our Adventures transition to their own indoor and outdoor environments and the focus is on child directed play with staff engagement.
  • At 9:00am our Adventures transition to a mat session experience for Davening with one of the Jewish Studies Teachers. The children will sing songs, using English and Hebrew, to celebrate the new day.
  • After Davening the children wash their hands and move in to a progressive morning tea.
  • After Morning Tea, the children have a block of uninterrupted play until Lunch Time. During this time, there are opportunities for the children to engage in intentional and spontaneous experiences with the Educators. They have options for both indoor and Outdoor play and spend time with one of our Jewish Studies Teachers who are above ratio, engaging with the children.
  • Children transition in to lunch at 11:00am
  • After Lunch, all children are given the opportunity to sleep, rest or relax and their different requirements are catered for.
  • During rest time, the children who have short sleeps or only rest, are provided with quiet play experiences and activities.
  • Children transition in to afternoon tea from 2:20pm and this is progressive, with children making their own choice to move off to play when they are ready.
  • From 3:30pm onwards, children are provided with opportunities for indoor and outdoor free play until pick up time.