Eighteen months to two and a half years

Our staff are hand-picked and highly qualified with many years of experience; we maintain high child-staff ratios throughout the day including lunch breaks. This provides continuity of care and most importantly a conducive base to grow strong relationships, responsiveness to children and education.

We recognise that we all develop and grow at a different pace and therefore recognise and respect individuality and promote the inclusion and participation of all children. We value children’s input and ideas for learning creating confident and involved learners.

We believe that children’s learning is dynamic, complex and that play is a context for learning. We believe that play is a context for learning that allows for the expressions of personality and uniqueness; enhances dispositions such as curiosity and creativity; enables children to make connections between prior experiences and new learning; assists children to develop relationships and concepts and stimulates a sense of wellbeing. In this context we offer experiences and activities that are planned by the educator, but incidental for the child, and therefore support our philosophy of play based learning in a relaxed atmosphere