Flexible Childcare

At Ruth Landau Harp Early Learning we understand that every families needs are different. That is why we are offering 9 and 10 hour sessions as well as our “all day” 11 hour session, so you can me the most of your Child Care Subsidy.

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By having the option to choose a shorter session time, you can minimise your out-of-pocket expenses.

*  Based on the number of CCS hours determined by Centrelink.

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Terms and Conditions:

An additional admin charge applies if you drop off/collect your child outside the grace period (but within centre operating hours) and after the centre has closed. We recommend speaking with our Centre Director who will be available to provide further details. Additional terms and conditions apply and may be subject to change.

What are the flexible options?

Choosing between a 9 hour, 10 hour or full day session to maximise your childcare subsidy hours.

Why should I change my session time?

In order for our families to get the most out of their childcare subsidy hours, we have implemented a choice of three session times.

Have a read of the below scenario to see the benefit of choosing a session time to suit your family’s needs.

Ezra attends care for 4 sessions per week, or 8 sessions per fortnight. His booking is for a “Full Day” Session, which is 11 hours, so is booked in for a total of 88 hours of care each fortnight. His family are entitled to 72 hours of subsidised care. As our service operates for 11 hours a day, Ezra’s family are  using 44 hours of subsidised care in week one, with the remaining 28 hours of subsidised care being used in week two. This would leave 16 hours of care remaining, to be paid at full fee.

Ezra’s family choose to change the booking from a “Full Day” Session to a 9-hour session, dropping off at 8am and picking him up at 5pm. With this new session time, Ezra is only booked in to care for 72 hour per fortnight, meaning all hours are covered by the childcare subsidy.  

What is a Grace Period?

We know that drop off and pick up times can often be the busiest part of the day, so we have implemented grace periods for our nine- hour and ten-hour sessions.  There will be no fee accrued when children are dropped off within this time. For our nine-hour session, families can drop off 15 minutes either side of the 8am to 5pm session. For our ten hour session, families are able to drop off within the 30 minute grace period either side of 7:30am to 5:30pm. If parents opt for a full day then no grace period applies as this is outside of the centre’s normal operating hours.

Will I be charged any extra fee if I go over my allocated hours?

Families who opt for nine hours will have a 15-minute grace period either side of their session time while those who opt for ten hours will have 30 minutes either side. If you go over this grace period, a small admin fee does apply. One dollar per child per minute.

Does your centre profit from the change to session times?

We do not benefit financially from offering more flexibility in choosing session upon enrolment. Knowing that we are offering more choice and flexibility to support our families is rewarding enough.

How do I select/update my session time?

Families will be required to complete a new Complying Written Agreement (CWA) in order to change their permanent session time. Once the CWA is signed and returned, a new permanent booking will be made, reflecting the new session time.